2017 – The year of communication.

2017 – The year of communication.

To all past and present CVA members I want to wish you a happy new year and officially introduce myself.  I hope the silly season was safe and prosperous for all of you.

Daniel Da Silva is my name.  Many of you know me already and last month I was elected the Vice President of the CVA to help try and take some of the load off the committee members and to start driving the CVA forward to get it back to the big thriving association that it used to be.  I have been in the industry for some time now and truly believe I can make a difference.

My businesses include D Marine Pty Ltd which owns four charter boats, Sailcorp Pty Ltd which owns the little swing mooring marina in Lavender bay and also manages five charter yachts, and Any Boat Pty Ltd, one of the main Charter Agencies in Sydney which is how I know most of you.  My businesses along with my time spent working on all types of commercial vessels including fast ferries, super yachts, party boats, luxury boats, sailing boats and many more puts me in a good position to really understand the issues and how they affect different operators.

There are so many issues facing commercial vessel operators at the moment and the CVA has been quietly working away at representing our industry in the background, attending hundreds of meetings with government and industry bodies to protect the industry we have.  With so much happening and so few people to help communication has dropped of a little the past few years but that is all about to change.

To make this association successful we need to have good communication between the members and the committee about what the issues are. To help with this we have set up a Facebook page that I encourage everyone to join.  It is a sounding board that you can raise concerns on, and follow the concerns of others as well as keep track of what the committee is doing on your behalf.  You can get to the page from this link.


There will also be regular emails, more meetings, and some great incentives to be members including member only fuel discounts, and member only discounts on many other services that you all use on a regular basis including slipping and anti fouling, surveying etc.

In the coming weeks there will be more communication regarding membership renewals, what the association are attending to on your behalf, and the issues at hand generally,  but for now I just wanted to say hi, wish you all a successful 2017, and encourage you to raise any concerns that my be affecting you as an operator.