2017 AGM complete – big things to come.

Dear CVA Members.
Last night we had our 2017 AGM followed by the special general meeting to discuss the potential merger with the BIA read on to see how the night went.  We had a great turn out with over 40 members attending to have their say.

News on The CVA Merger With The BIA

Last night a vote was taken on whether or not the CVA should merge with the BIA and the vote was overwhelmingly in favour the merger which the committee strongly supports.

The BIA will give us the strength we need to tackle the big issues ahead with a team of admin staff and heavy hitters in our corner when we go in to bat with AMSA and other government agencies.  The CVA committee are a dedicated team but a team that have full time jobs, so dedicated staff to support us will make the world of difference in getting things done and keeping lines of communication open with our members.

There are lots of positives to come from the merger and as we move forward we will keep you all posted with the details. It is worth noting that the committee have spent countless hours over the past year refining the details of the merger to ensure the best interests of the CVA members are being met.  Whilst the vote is in and we will be going ahead with the merger it will happen only once we have crossed our T’s, dotted our I’s and made sure that we are doing what is best for our members.

Stay tuned for more news on what is happening and as always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

2017 Membership Renewals

With our new superstar membership officer Michael Davies on board we will be going on a big membership drive this year.  The numbers have slowly dwindled away in previous years but now that we are back at full strength we will steal Donald Trump’s line and aim to “make the CVA great again.”

Right now we are not a part of the BIA so the old CVA fee structure will stay in place.  Those that have not renewed this year or previous years will hear from Michael in the coming weeks to get every one up to date.  Once we have got the membership in order we will be removing any non members from the Facebook group and limit the information and discounts and benefits to paid members.

If you want to be a little pro active you can feel free to fill in your membership details yourself by filling in your details here


You will be given payment instructions and steps on what to do next.

Finally everyone have a fantastic rest of the year.  We are already in May and in the blink of an eye you will have Christmas Party’s left right and centre.  Happy and safe boating to all.

Daniel Da Silva