Significant Valvoline Lubricant discounts

Dear Member,

I am very pleased to announce that I have been in discussions with Valvoline Australia and Valvoline has agreed to provide financial CVA members with significant lubricant discounts.
This initiative will allow Members to save considerable money on their ongoing lubricants and coolants. Aside from fuel, one of the biggest operating costs operators face is oils for engine, transmissions and generators etc. I invite all CVA financial members to please contact Mark Hurt 0409 725 073
to take advantage of this offer.

Mark will make an appointment to meet you and gather details on the types of oils you currently use, the annual volumes of those oils and also any other related products that Valvoline can provide to you at a discounted member rate.

I ask that you please support our CVA sponsors, it will give us a greater buying power with other businesses with whom we deal.

Captain John Paton.
0428 297 513