Wharf Upgrade Program

The CVA has been invited by RMS to provide input into the design of the wharves in the current upgrade program.

Many vessels have found the new wharves difficult, if not impossible, to use.

Most of the problems lie with the design of the fendering posts which luckily can be altered as they wear out and are replaced.

The view of the CVA comittee is that with an increase in population and number of vessels of all kinds on the harbour it makes senses to get as much use as possible out of any publically funded infrastructure, including wharves, and that different types of wharf usage do not necessarily have to be incompatible.

RMS have specifically asked for input from the CVA about the height and shape of the fendering posts on the wharf faces as well as any other design issues they may be unaware of.

Following are the recommendations of your Committee:

  • The top of the fender posts’ vertical face needs to be a minimum 1.6 metres above the pontoon deck, which is approx 0.9 above water level, making the top of the fender’s rubbing face 2.5 metres above water level.
  • The face of the fender posts need to be rounded from at least just above the waterline to the top of the fender post.
  • The top of the fender posts need to be angled at minimum 45 degrees to stop boats getting hung up on the top of the post in high wave conditions.
  • The angle of the rubbing face of the fender posts should be as close to vertical as possible.
  • Smaller intermediate fender posts in some locations, set back from the line of the larger fender posts, could be useful for smaller recreational vessels and water taxis, or alternatively fenders on the ends of the pontoons similar to the Campbell’s Cove pontoon would work for smaller craft and would be a low cost addition that could be considered for some wharves.
  • The distance between the outer face of the fender pile and the deck of the pontoon is too great.

If you have any other observations or suggestions please go to the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/cvansw/ and make a comment in the thread.

We need to respond by Tuesday 21st February so that our input can be considered for the next wharf in the program at Cockatoo Island.

Michael Davies
Committee Member